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Since I quit working outside the home to be a stay-at-home mom (about 7 1/2 years ago) I’ve had to learn how to cut costs and earn an income to help with the finances. I’ve written a number of posts over time about saving money, earning some, using coupons,  sites I use, etc..

I’ve compiled them into one post to share. Each link will take you to a different post here on my blog.

I personally believe that managing a home financially requires some-what of a balancing act when the income just doesn’t stretch that far. We need two incomes in our home AND we have to cut costs where we can- buying used,  taking second-hand, stacking coupons on sales, and utilizing rebates to get items for practically free.

Money Saving Coupon Sites

Savings dot com

Greek Yogurt Coupons (link inside post)

Free websites that pay you when you use them.

Earn yourself some fun money.

How Swagbucks pays me to earn money while learning.

Products I use that save me money & my suggestions.

My thoughts on Purex

Coupon help and stockpiling.

10 Baby Steps to Using Coupons

Other posts:

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My $35 Budget Experiment- when I attempted to get our grocery/household spending to average out to $35 a week.

If you have a great tip that I have missed, please share in the comment section. Comments will show after I approve them. Thank you!