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I’m a Build-A-Bear Mom Ambassador and got a total surprise in the mail this weekend. Fed Ex delivered a box and my boys were right there when I opened it- to reveal to matching Honeycomb Cubs and Condos (boxes you carry your Build-A-Bear home from the workshop).

Build-A-Bear believes that bears do indeed bring Smiles! As you’ll see in my video below, I have to agree.  My receiving these bears was part of their Love.Hugs.Smiles. movement.

However… 🙂

…I didn’t know why I had two bears  (I hadn’t read the letter yet) and assumed they were for each of my boys (oops).  I can do what I want with the bears but the idea is to give at least one away to help spread…  SMILES!  {not tears of sadness}

Well, I felt I needed to give one to each of my boys and the Love.Hugs.Smiles. mission was accomplished!  [See video below.]

These Build-A-Bear Furry Friends are meant to spread Smiles!

Do you know someone special you’d like to make Smile? Perhaps, a friend, a relative, a teacher, a coach, or a favorite camp counselor would be delighted to receive a furry friend gift?

*I was chosen to receive two Build-A-Bear Workshop bears to give away as a part of the Love.Hugs.Smiles. movement. You too can share smiles by visiting