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If you are a recent college graduate or career changer in the STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, or math) you should know about the Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship.

The Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship can provide you with a $30,000 stipend to complete an intensive master’s degree at one of the seventeen participating universities across the midwest.

Candidates complete one application that allows them to apply to the Fellowship program at a variety of universities across Indiana, Ohio, or Michigan.

Each program is unique and has been selected by the Foundation for its potential to create a model of teacher education excellence. Fellows can expect rigorous training, ongoing professional development, and some common components across all Woodrow Wilson university programs such as:

  1. A full-time academic, pre-service year of Master’s coursework spent in a high need classroom alongside experienced teacher leaders.
  2. Obtaining teacher certification at end of summer 2013 in Indiana, Michigan, or Ohio. [Check out ohio tea​ching pr​ograms​ here.]
  3. A master’s study year divided equally between coursework and demanding immersive “clinical” experiences in schools, observing and working in urban or rural schools three to five days per week.
  4. Courses and programs are designed uniquely for and geared toward the cohort of twenty (20) Fellows on each campus.
  5. A focus on students in high-poverty urban or rural schools.
  6. Many university partners offer additional financial aid incentives, tuition reductions, and scholarships to Fellows.
  7. Upon starting a three-year commitment as salaried teachers working for school districts, Fellows also receive three years of mentoring from veteran teachers.

You can learn more about how to apply to the Teaching Fellowship by clicking here.