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I found out way back when that I’d be getting a pair of the new-brand dENiZEN jeans (made by Levi’s for the Target stores) to review. Well- finally I got them and they are truly made of wonderful material!

I’ve got to tell you that as a rule I need to try on jeans before I buy because the size I need depends on the way they are made. When I submitted my size for the dENiZEN jeans I was taking a chance and had to guess.

Getting personal.

Okay, so I’m going to tell you my size to make this easier (and there is a point in me saying all of this)- I wear a 6 or an 8 depending on how the jeans are made. I’m between short and average in height… literally I think I’m about an inch from either label. I could definitely stand to lose 10 pounds (though I’m not overweight, I am at the high-end of my ideal weight).

Back to dENiZEN jeans.

Sizes for women range from 2-18 with the following fits to choose from: Mid-Rise Boot Cut, Mid-Rise Straight, Totally Shaping Mid-Rise Boot Cut and Totally Shaping At Waist Boot Cut “featuring high stretch denim and a built in tummy control panel for a body slimming and shaping effect.” So hows that for some choices!

Well, I have a pair or two of size 6 capri’s by another brand and so I thought I’d better go with a size 6 Misses Medium in the Totally Shaping At Waist Boot Cut.

The jeans arrive, I compare them to one of my capris and notice the jeans look more narrow. [Yikes.]

The Fit.

BUT, they do fit, though a little bit tighter than I’d like but the material is so forgiving and comfortable! I want to go to Target and try on a size 8 to see if they fit any better – or I could just lose a few pounds.

You can find dENiZEN jeans for men and children also and prices range from $17.99 – $29.99. The jeans I received were priced at $27.99.

I’m definitely a fan of dENiZEN and will be looking forward to finding them at my local Target store. However, because we have to be very frugal right now, I’ll probably only buy them when they go on sale.

*I received my free pair of jeans for review from dENiZEN. Follow dENiZEN on Facebook!