Off-grid pantry planner

Update: This sale is over.

Special sale ONLY for affiliates (like me) and people like YOU (my readers!). Between now and October 9th we can all get 50% off around 4000 of Currclick’s products! These are awesome for homeschooling or for fun learning projects to do with your kids.

I did a little experimenting and found that one of the red priced marked down items reduced by an additional 50% when I entered the special code: appreciate and the one I happened to have shared about the other day on Mammals already marked down to $1.99 did not reduce an additional 50%. Just a little FYI as you’re browsing [but the one mammals was already reduced from $15].

I’m definitely planning to go “shopping”. I would like to find some cursive handwriting studies for my 2nd grader.

Just click on any of these links or the sale picture above to visit the website. Remember to use promo code: appreciate at checkout.  Currclick also takes Paypal.