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Last week I shared in post one question #23 Is it heresy to believer the King James Bible is perfect? This week I’m sharing question #21 in The Answer Book by Dr. Gipp, dealing with 62 questions answered about the King James Bible.

#21- Don’t King James Bible believer’s “worship” the Bible? Didn’t God destroy the originals be cause He didn’t want these people to venerate them?

The answer to both questions is No.

I don’t want to post the whole explanation word for word here, remember you can buy the book for less than $7 and get all the answers for yourself. I’m only going to share a portion of the questions in this series.

He says KJV believers do not pray to it as they do to Jesus Christ nor do they say “the Bible saves” – its Jesus who saves! [I can attest to that as the KJV is the only English version I totally trust as containing God’s pure word promised in scripture and I don’t pray to the bible nor claim it saves. I also write notes in the margins, highlight passages… its a very used book!]

Regarding the originals, their only value were their words which were preserved by being copied over and over and passed along. I want to add that any originals would have normally worn out with use over time.

“If anyone would venerate them [the originals], it would probably be the crowd that makes so much of them today, the Bible critics.”

Taken from page 72-73 of The Answer Book.

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