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I’m hoping to get to the Bob Evans and Gallipolis posts this week, my days have been a bit crazy lately. We’ve been out of town a lot over the past week and a-half and between homeschooling and other obligations I’m running behind on some posts…or so I feel I am. But tonight I want to share a post with just some links I’ve come across that I feel are worth sharing. I hope you feel the same about something shared here too!

Helping the needy, as a family.

A great idea to do with your children to help the homeless: Jesus Loves You Bags. I know occasionally I see men out on the street corner begging. You must always use discernment and consider safety when approaching someone doing this, but what a blessing this could be. Fill a paper bag with things like bottled water, pre-packaged snacks, a bible, pen, small notepad, mints. Be sure to check her post for the whole story.

One minute out of your day and your signature could save her life.

I’m on the subscriber list for VOM (Voice of the Martyrs) – they support persecuted Christian believers in anti-Christian countries. Could you spare a minute to sign this petition in support of the release of Asia Bibi, a mother and wife, who has been sentenced to death for blasphemy after she said the following to some co-workers who were reportedly mocking her and trying to convert her to Islam… she is quoted as saying, “Our Christ sacrificed his life on the cross for our sins. Our Christ is alive.” She sits in prison waiting a ruling on her appeal. Visit Call For Mercy now.

Are you doing milk or meat?

What a Baby Christian is like. Good stuff!

Simply encouraging.

I liked this one too about creating family-fun nights for the health of of your family, especially your children 😉 . Good encouragement for moms!

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