Off-grid pantry planner

At the time I got the opportunity to sign up for this review I let the boys pick which set they’d like to receive. They chose the Construction set. My 5 yr old could not wait for its arrival. I think he started asking about its “arrival” the very day I signed up!

The day the set did arrive we were headed to a cookout with friends so my husband put the box in the van. We arrived home around 9pm that night, technically after the boys’ bedtime, but allowed them to play with it. Between my 5 and 7 year olds and their father they had both construction vehicles put together- maybe a hour later.

Just 1 of 2 of the trucks you can build in this set.

There’s Jack with his vehicle. He couldn’t wait for this set to arrive. This set was marked for ages 5 and over.

Creating complete new vehicle designs with the same set.

On a different day my husband made two “different” vehicles out of the parts. This is a fun set that allows your child (or their father) to be inventive and creative 😉

This set sells for $9.99 and there are a variety of Mega Blok Blok Squad sets to choose from, not all the same price. Visit the Mega Bloks website here to check them out.

*I received this Mega Bloks set free to review. Opinions are my own.