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Last night we arrived home after spending a full, fun weekend down in Gallipolis [sounds liks Galla-police], Ohio where I’d been invited to be one of the Bob Evans Blogger Correspondents for the Bob Evans Farm Festival.

Gallipolis is about 4 hours south of where we live. Its right along the Ohio River [awesome view] and a hop-skip and  a jump from West Virginia. It also happens to be just full of French history. The area was settled by a bunch of folks who came from France known as the French 500 in 1790.

Now, I have SO much to “show and tell” you  about the Bob Evans Farm Fest and the French historical bits I learned on our trip [I LUV history!] but I am at present needing to continue unpacking, washing, and so on around this messy house before I start to edit and post. However…

The BeOnScene folks who were interviewing and videoing the #BEFarmFest included a little bit of  moi in this video that I’m sharing on my blog. I plan to share my own pics/videos and experiences with you sometime this week 😉

*If you can’t see the video, try here.