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Seriously, you all need to inform yourself by watching this half-hour video. Its very well done and contains information about whats been happening to our parental rights over the years – our present and future parental rights are on the line.

Ignorance will not be bliss when you find yourself in the shoes of one of “these” parents.

Please watch this, pass it on to a friend, and then DO something about it. We all need to be doing something.

You’ll have to click through to the blog to view it. If video doesn’t come up on my blog, try here.

“The U.S. Supremacy Clause allows foreign treaties to override state laws and constitutions.”

The USA is very close to handing overĀ  our Parental Rights to the United Nations. Its no joke and one or more previous presidents have been paving the way to this end.

Watch the video and be informed before the day comes when we as parents have no legal rights over our children!

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