Off-grid pantry planner

We have entered our 2nd year of homeschooling and our first being part of a local homeschool group. There are about 90 families in our homeschool group and we just attended our first activity with them. Not all, but several families got together to fill shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child yesterday. This was our first experience filling shoeboxes.

My good friend Tami and her boys just started their first year of homeschooling and also joined this local group.  We have other friends from church who are in this group as well, so hopefully we’ll see them at one of these activities/ field trips down the road. Our boys are best buds! and I’m so glad to have another Christian family with so much in common with that our boys can be such good friends 🙂

My boys don’t often get a chance to do something like this and I took the opportunity to have them spend $3 each out of their piggy banks to pick out and buy items to give. They wanted to buy bibles and I helped them pick out some other things as well. They bought all of their items at our local dollar store. Everyone brought their items to the meeting  where it all was sorted and piled, people were assigned places and we wrapped boxed and filled them.

We made our box for a boy 10-14 years of age.  The boys included their address…I hope the boy who gets the box will write to them! I would love for the boys to keep in touch with him and learn something about what it means to live in another country.

If you’d like more information on Operation Christmas Child visit their website, see videos of children in other countries receive their shoeboxed gifts and learn where you may have a local drop off center near you!