Off-grid pantry planner

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of PartyLite Simple Pleasures Holiday Sweepstakes. All opinions are 100% mine.

Partylite. I do believe it was a  PartyLite party I attended many years ago. I don’t hear too much about Partylite around here like I do other direct sales programs that sell food and kitchen stuff. Maybe that means our area has room for more consultants? 

My candle from that party was probably the longest lasting candle I’d ever owned.

Anyways, Partylite candles are sold in “at home” parties and online in every state in the U.S. and in 17 other countries, I am told. I’m also told there is a Partylite show happening every 18 seconds! Thats pretty incredible.


Isn’t this stand up “lamp” beautiful? Its from the Enchanted Collection. I also saw a lit up village scene from the same collection on their PartyLite Facebook page. You can follow them on Facebook at that link I just provided to stay up to date about special monthly offers for party hosts and guests.

And you’re just in time to check out their new Winter/Spring Catalog for 2012  which came out last week!  Unfortunately, you’re not on time to enter the PartyLite Simple Pleasures Holiday Sweepstakes which ended last week too. However, if you go through that link you can enter the Partylite website and find a hostess near you and check out how much you could earn for free by hosting a Partylite party with friends and family.

Being the frugal gal I am, I would most likely host a party to earn as much FREE scented candles or home decor as I could. I suppose if you have lots of friends and family who love Partylite you could end up hosting a few parties a year to earn free home decor to freshen up your home for each season.

Okay, I don’t have that many friends, but you might!