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We received the small scale CAT Iron Diesel Train Set to review and it was a hit with my boys! This set comes with seven feet of track and is geared for children aged 5 and older. My boys are 5 and 7 years of age.

You get four train cars, two removable trucks and a removable shipping container that the train carries. One of the train cars has a pivoting magnetic crane that picks up the shipping container to load or unload it from the train.

My boys are very imaginative and I expect they will eventually drag out other toys to create a makeshift city to accompany this track! They’ve already simulated their own train wreck using larger vehicles they own. [boys.¬† *shaking head*] They’ve been known to line up their vehicles and create traffic jams too.

Okay, so this toy has been such a hit that I’ve already been searching online for information on what other sets might be available by CAT to purchase for them for Christmas and especially if there are more tracks available.

The MSRP for this set is $15.00 and I would say it IS worth it. AND I did see Target had it on sale online for under $12 but was sold out recently. NOTE: It does require 2 “AA” batteries (not included).

My only caution is that this is plastic and the tracks take some force to pinch together. I would prefer myself to put the tracks together and maybe pull apart too as I can see some “stress” on the connecting tabs of the tracks. It looks like someone has bent them- I’m talking about my son(s).

There are some other sets that look like they may be the right size to go with this one, but they don’t have the tracks. I may buy one of those for Christmas¬† for them to share and a duplicate set of what we have for my other boy so each has his own and they can combine the tracks if they want.

*I received this toy set for free to review from CAT via Team Mom’s Holiday Gift Guide. Opinions are my own- additional set shown is linked to my Amazon affiliate link.