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This was one of my recent (personal) Facebook status updates:

“Educating my children from home seems to require some real stretching of myself. Though I didn’t choose this path for that purpose, I’m seeing it happen… it’s not easy being ‘responsibly’ accountable for educating kids at home. But its a good work-out.”

Another homeschooling mom shared that homeschooling her children was the hardest thing she’s ever had to do.

Expecting it to be hard when you’ve never done it isn’t the same as actually experiencing “the hard” of it, in my opinion. I guess that is true for most things, though.

What does a homeschooling mom sacrifice to homeschool her children and is it worth the sacrifice? I can only answer from my experience.

So what do I sacrifice? . . . (Note: PPC has changed hands and my content is no longer there).

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