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We received the Dub Chevrolet Camaro remote controlled car to review. My 7 yr old was looking forward to playing with this. We had high expectations for it but unfortunately the car didn’t meet them on carpet.

Our carpet isn’t very thick but the car did poorly on it unless you hit the “turbo” button. This car takes 6 AA batteries and I don’t know how many the Remote Control takes. I couldn’t get the flap unscrewed to find out at the moment.

You can see our short demonstration in my video below.

I think its obvious that if you have hardwood, tile or linoleum floors the car will perform much better. I saw that it picked up speed once on the linoleum floor in our kitchen. My son was very frustrated and upset with how poor the car drove, but the boys enjoyed dancing to the music is plays (see 2nd video for their dance-off).


See our demo on carpet and linoleum in the video below.

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They did enjoy dancing to the car’s music, however (see video below).


(Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price: $49.99,
Ages 6+, Available: October 2011)

Remote controlled car comes equipped with light up wheels, real
car sounds, and a DUB-styled remote controller.
Available in two models: Ford Mustang GT and
Chevrolet Camaro.


*I received this product free to review for the Team Mom Holiday Gift Guide.