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The Missing Goggles

We bought our boys goggles for their second round of swimming lessons several weeks ago. Mainly it was for my oldest who moved up to Level 2 but you know how it goes with younger siblings…they think they “have” to have one too.

So while we were at Fort Rapids Waterpark Resort last month Brendan wore his goggles. And at some point he lost them. My husband thought they came off in the lazy river and so we took turns searching and searching for them. We even talked to lifeguards and my husband may have inquired about Lost & Found. But no goggles.

The day went on, I prayed that we might find the goggles.

Sure, they only cost about $6 but I really didn’t want to spend another $6 and I wasn’t sure I’d be able to find another pair easily so late in the year. There weren’t very many pairs at the store I found them at.

Towards the end of our time in the waterpark- shortly before we were ready to leave we took the boys to the pool section where the basketball hoops were and there

Joel says to me, there’s a boy over there wearing what appeared to be goggles identical to Brendan’s. Brendan’s goggles are multi-colored and he really liked them.

We decided it would be better for me to approach the boy instead of sending a man over there so Brendan and I went to the boy who appeared to be about 11 I think.  I told him Brendan lost his goggles in the lazy river and I asked  him if he found them there and he said yes and handed them over with no problem.

That was definitely an answered prayer. And though it feels silly to talk about it, it really isn’t silly at all. The Lord cares about answering our prayers. But thats not all I realized out of that lesson.

Yes, God answered that prayer- we found the goggles. However, we still had to go over and ask for them because they were on someone else’s face. Had we not gone over and asked, my prayer would have still been answered  because God provided everything we needed to find them and find them we did.

I wonder how many times, in other circumstances, God has answered some specific prayer and we see that answer-  like the goggles we see them but there’s still something we need to do to see our prayer fulfilled.

Is there something in your life you need to take action on?

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