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So, real quick here… if you haven’t heard enough about Tim Tebow then you’re probably reading this because I mentioned “underwear” in the title. So whats the deal about Tim and underwear?

Tim Tebow is the spokesperson for Jockey and Jockey is putting $1 million on the line if Tim’s team wins the championship game February 5th, 2012. One person will win $15,000 and all the other entrants will get a $25 gift card. I’ve already entered for my chance to win. The contest has been going on since December and ends at the game or up until Tim’s team is out of the running. Something like that…you can go enter and find out all the details here at this link:  If  Tebow Wins.

Now, how about that Tim Tebow, huh?!

I’m not even a football fan and I’m excited. Shoot, we don’t even have cable tv so we aren’t watching the games and I’m excited.

In fact, I knew very little about Tim and still do, but all of this obviously supernatural behind- the- scenes support of Tim has got me interested in even blogging about the guy.

Not because of “who” Tim is…but because of Who obviously is making a statement out of him. I believe God is.

I’m not talking about some vague “higher power”- no, I’m talking about the One True God. There can only be one. And He sees Tim honor Him, and He sees the nasty treatment Tim is receiving for honoring Him. 

And I believe God’s got Tim’s back.

And there’s no better defender a person could have than God himself.

How do you explain the “316 no-coincidence” ?

(click through to blog to see video of Tim & Jockey)

*I am in the Jockey Inner Circle and that’s how I found out that Tim was their spokesperson but no one put me up to writing this post. I’ll be writing something for Jockey later. I just had to jump on the Tim Tebow band-wagon! Go Denver!