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I guess I was craving those yummy sweet potato chips I’ve bought from Aldi in the past. Anyways, I decided to try to make them at home. Of course, mine aren’t quite as “chippy” but rather between fries and chips. And they were soooooo delicious (with salt)! I seriously probably ate at least one small whole sweet potato’s worth while cooking them 🙂 .



I used my Pampered Chef “fancy” slicer but you can do this by hand too. I’m also using Coconut Oil more and more these days from eating to skin care. I buy All Natural Lou Ana’s Pure Coconut Oil 31.5 fl.oz for less under $6 from Walmart.




After my oil is hot enough (try dropping a few drops of water in there to see if it sizzles) I put my potato slices in to fry up.



Sizzle- Sizzle!!  This takes a bit of time depending on how crunchy or (dark) you like your potato chip-fries.



Eat ’em up!!

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