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After investing in a house, it becomes every family’s goal to preserve and protect that home. Saving money and guarding your home can actually go hand-in-hand. Investing in home owners insurance offers financial stability should anything occur that may ruin the value of your house or its belongings. If the price tag of this additional insurance seems overwhelming, compare house insurance through online sites and it will become clear that it’s affordable and customizable.

Saving on a necessity like home owner’s insurance is just one way to put hard earned money back into your pocket. After taking a moment to compare house insurance online, continue your savings spree by following these simple and handy tips to reduce energy and water costs around the house.

Eliminate Standby Power Waste

Each year in the US $10 billion is wasted by standby power. Also referred to as “Vampire Power,” standby power is the energy that is spent on devices and products that remain plugged in but are not in use. Many people are unaware that the energy continues to be extracted out of the power grid while a dormant item is plugged in. Common appliances and electronics such as coffee makers, TVs, computers, DVD and Blu-Ray players, even the set-up boxes that come for cable, satellite and DVR hook-up, can add wattage to power bills while being unused. Fortunately, merely unplugging these items can solve this problem. Getting into the habit of unplugging a device after turning it off will help save a nice amount of money in the long run.

Stop Excess and Unused Water

Examining the water usage around the house can also reveal opportunities for simple and easy savings. Newer and older homes alike can often have leaky pipes, faucets and toilets. Inspecting each of these areas will reveal any potential leaks that could be dripping away dollars throughout the day. Replacing parts or simply tightening these areas may be all that is needed to remedy this problem. Shutting off the faucets during routine tasks, such as brushing teeth or rinsing off dishes can also help cut down on water consumption. Installing a water-saving shower head and limiting time spent in the shower is yet another easy and manageable way to reduce water waste.

Restrict Heating Costs

One of the largest utility burdens on a family is the cost to heat a home. While it may be impossible to control the outside weather, simple steps can help make a home’s heating costs more manageable. Since fluctuating temperatures can drive up the amount of time and energy needed to heat a home, experts recommend setting the thermostat to 68F for optimal comfort and maintenance. Timers and preprogrammed settings can help home owners reduce the temperature for periods when the home is unused. Water heaters should also be set at 120F for ideal temperature control and reduction in heating costs.

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