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A woman once longed for the extra money

to hire a maid

to help her clean her home.

Then she realized she had many maids:

known as her clothes washer,



vacuum sweeper,

microwave, and crock pot.

~That isn’t an exact quote but I did read something to that effect shared by another woman.

Hey, its ladies week here at my blog! You can see whats going to be posted when here, so lets kick this off with some pictures of what kind of life women had way-back-when.

Since the following pictures were taken at the Our House Tavern inn established in 1819 I’m assuming the gadgets you see in the pictures below were probably used during that period in time. Its been awhile since we visited and I’m not sure I remember everything our tour guide said so I’ll leave it at that.

First, you may be wondering whats the big deal about the Our House Tavern? Well, you can read about some of that in this post I shared about Napoleon and the last King Louis of France (married to Marie Antoinette).  haven’t told you about General Lafayette yet though.

So, see that little building in the back of the inn? Thats the cook’s kitchen and we’re about to get a peek inside. You can see the front of the building here.



Below: Inside the kitchen.






Below on table is a coffee roaster (looks like a silver helmet), that big dark block laying behind the candles I believe is a block of tea (thats how it came long ago), there’s a Mammy’s Bench on the right.  I believe I read that the cook and nanny were at times jobs held by the same woman. You can see larger images of some of these items and more at the Our House Tavern Facebook Page.




Below: An old fashioned washing machine.



I think this is one of the original chandeliers that existed back in the 1800’s here at the Our House Tavern. Pretty cool, don’t ya think?  I mean, cool that its still here (and I think they use it). I think it should be called a candlelier 🙂 .


*Though you’ll see many images and some fascinating ones at their Facebook page, the images used in my posts are all mine taken during our visit there last fall.

To see the “indoor toilet” ladies had to use in the inn visit my post here and scroll down. It was the first time I could ever remember seeing such a thing.


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