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Preschool Worksheets and more!  I love it when someone with more “know-how” than me makes printables for me and my family to enjoy. I especially love to find the free and helpful printables but I pay for many as well. I’ve learned also that you do have to be careful what sites you visit.

All that to introduce you to the Scholastic Printables. Scholastic provides more than 15,000 teaching worksheets and printable resources for students from Pre-K (see their Preschool Worksheets here)  up to 8th grade. You’ll find a wide range of topics covering all subjects and themes throughout the school year.

Scholastic’s printables also provide everything you need to teach an integrated curriculum. Their printables can be used for in-class students,  for homeschooling, or to enhance children’s education in before and after school programs like Latchkey.

If you don’t want to be wandering the WWW in an effort to piece together your lesson plans, a membership to Scholastic’s printables might be something you’d want to consider.


*This is a Sponsored Post. Opinions are mine.  And yes, I really do love and use helpful resources I can print from home 😉 .