Off-grid pantry planner


I had the pleasure of hosting a Cottonelle sponsored craft party for a bunch of  moms and their kids. We had about 23 people in my little  house. Most of us here at this party are homeschooling families.  (Hint to the Brands: Craft themed-parties are a great idea!). Okay, and I think having the Jonathon Adler fancy-shmancy toilet paper roll covers was a great idea too 🙂 . Everyone got to leave with a roll cover, coupons and a free roll of Cottonelle toilet paper.

Have you ever used Cottonelle? Its got to be one of the softest, thickest, comfy toilet papers around!



Toilet paper rolls were brought but not required. Besides all the crafty supplies I had on hand, I received a gift card to purchase anything I needed for the party. I spent it all on food and craft supplies. The kids had a good time creating whatever they wanted. We had feathers, and fuzzy balls, and cut-outs, and paper bags, and googly-eyes too.


Thank you to Mom Central and Cottonelle for providing everything we needed to have a blast!


*I participated in a campaign for Mom Central Consulting, on behalf of Cottonelle, and received product samples and a promotional item to facilitate my party.