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Awesome Science dvd review


We received Episode 1 & 2 of the Awesome Science series: Explore the Grand Canyon and Explore Yellowstone . Noah Justice is the 14 year old host. The first one I put on was about the Grand Canyon and I played it a second time same day. I love that it is creation based. Here’s what you can expect to learn:

Episode 1: Explore the Grand Canyon with Noah Justice

  • The Grand Canyon was cut in just days, not millions of years.
  • Its massive layers show evidence of being laid down in less than a year.
  • The Biblical record can be trusted as Earth’s history book.


Episode 2: Explore Yellowstone with Noah Justice

  • The Geologic Column is best explained by the Global Flood.
  • Super volcanoes were used to shape the Earth after the Flood.
  • The petrified forests in Yellowstone were formed in just a few years.


This Awesome Science series is produced by Kyle Justice whose work has appeared on networks including National Geographic, ESPN, and the Outdoor Channel along with his creative homeschooling team.

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On a personal note, I use videos ALOT in my homeschooling, though you do not have to be a homeschooler to learn from a dvd. My almost 6 & 8 year olds watch a lot of documentary/educational videos and usually they are from the library where they are free to borrow and unfortunately, seem to be overwhelmingly based on evolution (blah!). Which is so sad because its an unproven theory and  my uncle was no monkey – yet its taught like its fact.  And would someone tell me are the kids in public schools being taught the Piltdown hoaxHello?

But, hey,  if you really want to know how I feel about evolution… [Okay, soapbox rant over.]

I typically have my boys illustrate what they learned from a video by drawing a picture. I need to keep working with my 2nd grader to write descriptions more and I’d have to write for my kindergartner since he just can’t do that much yet.

Here’s your chance to win a creation based educational documentary and just FYI there is a 3rd dvd in the series, Episode 3: Explore Meteor Crater & Petrified Forest.

And hey, I’m @tzdelar so if you join the party be sure to follow me and say hi!  🙂