Off-grid pantry planner


I know many of you know this feeling, the feeling that your family has outgrown your home and you’re so ready to move. That would be me. Though we can certainly make what we have work, it seems like its gotten harder to that (c’mon, I showed you my messy house video on Youtube).  Plus a major sports corporation has been buying up homes in my area and I know sooner or later they will probably want ours. Hey “major sports co.”, I’m ready to make a deal, want to talk?

Anyhow, there was one major obstacle, I felt, to us moving and that was… a solid reason for doing so.  Well, that obstacle was removed about two months ago when my husband got a closer-to-home job. Now we have somewhat of a plan of how to move forward in the near future.

Beyond the job factor is the house factor.  We would need to sell the house I believe, before we could buy another home. We just don’t have the kind of income that could support two homes, and I doubt we could get a loan for a second anyhow.

And so I wait patiently- somewhere between being content with our current living limitations while looking forward with hope for something better, more functional for the future. Maybe something with more “country” to it than not. A place where I can raise chickens (maybe) and my kids can climb trees and explore.  A place with more space on the inside for hosting larger group get-togethers comfortably, and a master bath (hello!).

Have you tried sharing one bathroom with a bunch of males? Particularly little ones who haven’t mastered their aim yet and don’t mind if they do barge in on you?

And so I dream…


*Sponsored post; but, my true story.