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I told you in this post that we just came back home from a weekend visit to Kelleys Island and Put ‘n Bay, South Bass Island on Lake Erie, Ohio. These are just two of the 27  Lake Erie Islands, some of which belong to Canada.

On our way to catch the Kelleys Island Ferry we stopped at the Marblehead Lighthouse. It was closed so we just enjoyed the surroundings. Its very near where the ferry picks you up. Its amazing to be so close to the edge of the water and the water was a bit rough. You’ll see in my short video below just how close the waters edge is to where we and others are standing. Our boys enjoy climbing rocks and there were plenty to climb!

The Kelleys Island Ferry will carry you and your vehicle, or you can pay a parking fee and leave your car behind. You do pay for the vehicle separately from each person.  Round Trip tickets for our our vehicle was $30, for Joel and I was $19 each and our boys were $12 each = $92.00.  You can view more prices for one way, motorcycles, and see what age is free here.

Someone said its about 20 minutes to everywhere. I didn’t time it, so I guess it was about 20 minutes from Ohio’s mainland to Kelleys Island. You can stay in your vehicle or get out and stand or sit in various places on the Ferry.  Be careful if you stand by the sides where the cars are located. My husband said one gal got dumped on by a wave!

I plan to share about Kelleys Island and Camp Patmos where we stayed for two nights in my next post, Part 3. I hope you’ll stick around! You can subscribe here so you don’t miss an update.

Besides, its that time of year where I have numerous giveaways going on that you might want to know about, like this one for tickets to the Greater Cleveland Aquarium.

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*Lake Erie Shores & Islands provided for our ferrying to Kelleys Island and arranged our stay at Camp Patmos, among other things I’ll tell you about in Part 3 or 4. Follow them on Facebook. All opinions are mine and my family’s.