Off-grid pantry planner



My good friend Lori who I worked with back in 1990-  in real life – and of Prepper Chicks asked me if she could add me to a list of resources (or something) and I was like – yeah, sure! You know, why not? Right?

Today I was visiting her Facebook page and then her website and checking out the updates to it.  I saw she finally had pictures of who the Prepper Chicks are and I was curious to see who these “bad girls” were. I don’t really mean bad as in bad, I just mean it like… “chicks in the know”. You know?  ahem

So, I’m scrolling down the pictures and as I hover over each one I see some are linked to blogs. And then I see…



You see, I’m not really a Prepper like I think they are. I do “prep”- mostly homeschooling stuff on sale or free… you know for the upcoming year(s).

My food stockpile is nothing to brag about and might get us by for a few weeks or not.

I don’t know how to hunt and I’ve only been gun-shooting a couple times in real life. I buy my eggs and bread at the store.

But I do share lots of resources at my blog and I do have an Emergency Preparedness board on Pinterest. And I’m slowly trying to get my family to eat more whole foods and I am trying to grow potatoes in a plastic baskets from the dollar store and…

I do think about living in the country or closer to it. And I have given some thought into the possibility of having a garden and chickens someday.

So I guess if such survival skills do become necessary in my life-time I will just have to buckle down and …

move my family closer to Lori and hers! lol

Just having fun- Luv ya, Lori!