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The Crystal Cave at Put ‘n Bay, World’s largest known Geode.


Here’s Part 4 of our Ohio Islands Adventure.  You’ll find the previous posts here:

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Part 4: Put ‘n Bay’s Family-Friendly Side.


So if you’ve been following my previous posts, today we picked up the Jet Express at Kelleys Island and sped across Lake Erie to Put ‘n Bay, South Bass Island. Now, I don’t know why but my captions are bouncing around in Video #1 below. Don’t get sea-sick. But I guess its appropriate to have floating captions of a boat ride, right? Its not just a boat ride though. You’ll see some of the sights and sounds of Put ‘n Bay from a family-friendly perspective.

Video #2 show clips of the Island Fun Pack tour that anyone can purchase. I recommend this for family-friendly fun that will wipe you and your kiddos out 🙂 – as you’ll see our 6 yr old, Jack, sleeping on my lap towards the end. We spent most of our day at Put ‘n Bay on the activities included in this Fun Pack tour and riding in the tour wagon is a nice way to end the day. The tour guides give you some history of the island as well! I hope you enjoy the videos and learn something new about Put’n Bay. Yes, Put ‘n Bay is known for its party & drinking  (which we don’t do), but during the day there are family-friendly things to do and history to learn– some War of 1812 history too.


Video #1:  Leaving Kelleys Island on the Jet Express (possibly the fastest public transportation to the islands) and arriving at Put ‘n Bay. See what family-friendly things we found plus some “emergency/paramedic” excitement which got some of the dogs to howl. Video Tip: Listen to the lady driving the FREE shuttle wagon as she shares with us how Put ‘n Bay got its name.


Video #2:  The “Island Fun Pack” train tour includes Perry’s Cave, 18 hole mini-golf, The Butterfly House, The Vintage Vehicle barn & The Winery/Crystal Cave tour as well as your ride and a tour of Put ‘n Bay sharing historical information and more about the island.

We spent the majority of our time in one place – at Perry’s Cave location where all the afore-mentioned activities are situated. There was more to do there but it wasn’t included in the price of the Island Fun Pack. We paid extra to do the Gem Mining you’ll see in this video. We skipped the Winery tour but went down into the Crystal Cave (pictured above). Its small but amazing in its own right.


For more information on the places we visited (as well as other attractions) and special packaged deals, see the following links and be sure to look for the Island Fun Pack + boat transportation deals to save money:

  • Put’ n Bay & Miller’s Ferry Discounts & Packages

If you have questions about any Sandusky or Lake Erie attractions/ events or would like their Travel Planner book, contact Lake Erie Shores & Islands. They have a really nice travel office with booklets and brochures and more and Jill will be glad to help you!

*Thanks to Lake Erie Shores & Islands for putting together our weekend adventure including arranging accommodations at Camp Patmos, Kelleys Island Ferry, Jet Express, and the Island Fun Pack on Put’n Bay so that we might do this review! This is not a paid post and I did not have to write a favorable review. All opinions are mine.