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A mother has special demands of her family car. She wants a car that has the load carrying capacity of a dump truck, reliability of the steam engine, and the safety and protection of an armored car. In other words a mother needs a car that offer ease of use, lots of load carrying capacity, while not ignoring the safety of her family.

Fortunately there are several cars on the market in all price ranges that fall into these very strict criteria of a good car for a mother of young children. Some of the more affordable models are manufactured by Honda, Toyota, and Hyundai.

Honda Civic

Probably the all-time favorite for family cars are found in in the stable of Honda automobiles Among these, a couple stand out as outstanding examples of mom’s favored transportation. A perennial favorite is the super reliable and economical Honda civic. This car offers room for four along with outstanding fuel economy. The four-door model offers ease of loading car seats and kids in the backseat as well as adequate trunk space to store essential equipment such as strollers and diaper bags. It is possible that even a new Honda Civic purchased when Junior is just a toddler will be passed on to Junior as his first automobile several years later as a teenager.

Honda Fit

Another small Honda that meets the criteria needed by mom for her daily transportation is the Honda Fit. Although this subcompact looks too small to fill the bill for family car it actually has a lot to recommend its selection. The design of the Honda Fit reveals a very efficient use of interior space. It has almost as much cargo carrying capacity is a much larger SUV. The fold-down rear seat it has plenty of room for large objects as well as full seating for her family of four.

Hyudai Elantra Touring

Another small import wagon is the Hyundai Elantra Touring model. This car is a bit bigger than the previous two but still meets moms criteria for a reliable family hauler. This car is sized some where between a small wagon and a medium-size SUV with a larger back seat and a comfortable cargo capacity of about 2.4 cubic ft. This car can be a sporty driving machine as well as a family run about.

Scion xB

The Scion xB wagon started life as a boxy little boulevard cruiser. As its popularity increased with young mothers, Toyota began to increase the size and usability him tell it is now an outstanding family car.. This car has more backseat room and cargo space than many larger SUV autos. Safety is its strong suit with electronic stability control as well as a full complement of safety features to help keep the kids from harm.

These are just a few of the suitable cars that mom could choose for her daily driver. There are many more choices on the market today that offer safety, reliability, and fuel economy than a mother requires.


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