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“…Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?”

-Luke 18:8b, KJV

“Faith is not the absence of common sense.”

– P.T.

A belief in creation as God records for us in Genesis 1 is not a lack of common sense. In fact, the bible has revealed many “scientific” truths before they were “discovered” by the observation of modern science.  See my list of 11 scientific discoveries or natural processes revealed in the bible some, if not all before modern science could.



Science is about discovering the truth.


People who poo-poo even the possibility that the Bible is true or a belief in God are probably, in my opinion, afraid that they might just prove how wrong they are and how right God is.


If that happens then they have to face the possibility that it may just be true that they will indeed have to stand before God and give an account for their life. To avoid judgement and hell for their sins would require repentance now, in this lifetime. Something a natural man apart from God does not want.


If you’ve only ever taken the evolutionist theory as truth I encourage you to  take a look at the posts I share below and begin your own study. If you allow the theory of evolution to come between you and God at least make sure you’ve given due diligence to studying God’s side of it. You can’t afford to be wrong- your eternal destination depends on your decision to trust God for salvation or not.


You see, the theory of evolution involves a belief system that is in opposition to God’s truth. If you can’t trust God to tell you the truth in Genesis chapter 1 than you can’t trust him to tell you the truth about your sins, your need for Jesus Christ and your future eternity in hell separated from God, from which there is no escape.


Check it out:

11 Scientific Discoveries or Natural Processes Revealed in the Bible

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If you’re past all of the above and want to know more about what the bible says about the “last days” and how it may relate to the spiritual battle behind “evolution vs. creation” you can start with these scriptures:

See list of verses for “last days“, “end of the world” and “day of the Lord” mentioned in the KJV and do your own study. See I Thessalonians 5 about recognizing the times related to the day of the Lord.

Finally- if you’d like to know exactly why you need to repent (change your direction and follow Christ) take the Good Test here.


*Print this post pdf here.