Off-grid pantry planner

Homeschooling means you’ve got the time to move from bed to the couch for a bit.

I still have a few more posts to go in my “How We Homeschool Tour & Series” but I’ve been elsewhere online as well lately.

Today:  I had an “off the cuff” thought that I’d share my homeschooling updates through the day, with pictures. That has been going on since about 8:30am this morning at my Facebook page here. If you’re curious to see how we go through the day you can check it out here. Our day isn’t over yet so there is more to come.

September 1st:  I was honored to be made September’s Chicka-of-the-Month for “Back to School” at the Prepper Chicks. But remember, I’m not much of a prepper in general as I shared here. Lori likes my homeschooling-prep-ness.

August: Last month I wrote about the benefits of homeschooling over at the Prime Parent’s Club if you want to check that out. (That website changed hands and my content is not available now).