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I’ve told you before that I am a book reviewer for the Christian company New Leaf Publishing’s Master Books division. Well, New Leaf has put out a free download on their Facebook page for all who “Like” them (link below). I am in the process of reading it now…


Free Download – “Know where America fits in the End Times Prophecy“, an excerpt from It Could Happen Tomorrow by Dr. Gary Frazier, expert in Biblical Prophecy. Now, I don’t know anything about Dr. Frazier and what his biblical beliefs are but regardless of where you stand I wanted to share this. Why?


Consider the following that stood out to me from this excerpt:


“A nuclear weapon detonated at an altitude of 250
miles over the central United States would cover, with its primary
electromagnetic pulse, the entire country of the United States and
parts of Canada and Mexico!10 One EMP could send the United
States back to the 19th century by knocking out all power to
our already-stressed electrical grid, all telecommunications and
transportation, banking and financial systems, and all computers
in homes, businesses, and government buildings across the country.


The effects would be far-reaching, affecting access to fuel, which
is pumped using electricity, emergency services, water treatment
facilities, and the delivery of food, medication, medical supplies,
and a host of other items essential to life.


The shipment of consumer
goods would come to a screeching halt, and what remained in stores
would spoil as refrigeration went out. Spoiling food, the inability
to sanitize and distribute water, and the inevitable fires that would
rage out of control would threaten public health, and leave hospitals
helpless to respond. In addition to these…”


Hmmm. For some time I’ve wondered if all this “prepper” movement has been, in a way, a sign of the times. As a long-time bible believer/reader and student I’m fairly familiar with what is yet to come, and its isn’t good. Well, it will be hell on earth and then hell for eternity for those who reject Christ.


Its not new news to me either that America doesn’t appear to be “around” down the road -biblically speaking. The good part will be that Christ will return as KING and will judge evil and keep his promises to his chosen people, Israel.


Keep in mind however, Christ’s enemy, Satan-the great counterfeiter, also has a plan and a people. Read Daniel and Revelation to get God’s story. Consider the following from the free download:


“Making Ahmadinejad’s threats even more ominous is his obsession with the return of the 12th Imam or Mahdi. He believes, as he’s described candidly in several interviews and speeches, that he is destined to play a significant role in the appearance of the Mahdiin the end times.6 Every move he makes, every speech, and everythreat is an attempt to hasten the Mahdi’s return and the judgment that Muslims believe will befall the enemies of Islam in the end times.”


“Interestingly, Muslims believe that when the Mahdi returns, he
will reign on earth for seven years, before bringing about a final
judgment, and the end of the world.8 Muhammad, who lived 500-
plus years after the final books of the Bible were written, was very
good at plagiarizing parts of the Bible, while changing the meaning
to cast Islam as the true religion and the final victor in the battle
between good and evil.”

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