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Creativity runs in my family – even in the ones related by marriage! I shared my sister-in-law Sue’s cute paper-bag Christmas card here and now I want to show you another one I received from her in the recent past.


This is so cute and simple! A card shaped like a tag. Its not a little bitty tag but it is a small card. This is the perfect size for the kids to make too, let them be all creative!





Use card stock for more durability. Just paste a square piece of card stock to the front and leave a little space to stick your list of “From” names and a cute cut-out. She has a paper candy cane inserted. The two ribbons are just stapled on. Work your scrapbooking/stamping magic on the edges and with a design on the front, color it in with pencils or paint.


Isn’t it adorable? I wonder what she’ll come up with this year? {No pressure, Sue! hehe}


What you need:

  • card stock paper
  • rubber stamps & ink
  • crayons, colored pencils or paint for edging & to fill in your stamped image (sponge to smear ink on edges of card)
  • stapler/couple staples for ribbons
  • ribbon
  • scissors


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