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We recently attended the I-X Center’s Fabulous Food Show this month. It rolls around now in the spring and fall. We’ve been fortunate to be invited as “media” both times this year (my husband and I) in return for hosting ticket giveaways on my blog. In the spring we saw Emeril, this time around we got a few peeks at Guy Fieri. We missed his show but I just had to get pictures of him for a Facebook friend.  For about two seconds I got in line to wait for his autograph, again, thinking of my friend but got out of it quickly. Glad I did, those people stood in line for maybe an hour or so. When Guy did appear my husband and I managed to snap a few shots of him. Donna was happy.


There were some pretty amazing food presentation pieces. See them below. I’m sure I could manage the cool bread platter cheese sampler. Wouldn’t that neat for a party? But those fruit/veggie sculptures are out of  my skill area.






Joel and I ate a light lunch on the road on our way to Cleveland (about an hour’s drive) and that as still a bit much for me. I didn’t have much room for lots of samples and there were lots of food samples at the food show. They also have drink samples but we don’t drink alcohol so I can’t say much about that part.


In the spring I showed you my favorite products I bought at that showing. This time I bought essential oil samples. They were so affordable and I was very happy. I may be ordering more. I bought Clove Oil and Tea Tree Oil to experiment with natural house cleaning. I also bought eucalyptus to aid with good health and comfort. When I told the vendor that I would be telling you all about what I bought she wanted to give me a gift: Evening Primrose Beauty Bar of soap  (I want to tell you about this item I’m using so I’m giving you the background as to how I acquired it.)


This Beauty Bar is only $6 and is soft and smells good. I use it on my face and body. I figure the bar is so big if I only use it on my face it will take me a year to go through it perhaps.  She says this has helped people with sensitive skin issues. Its just very nice for my skin and I have been slowly switching to more and more “better for you” products. Anyways, if you’re looking for affordable aromatherapy products I highly recommend this Ohio seller! Visit her site at .



So remember to be watching for the spring and fall I-X Center’s Fabulous Food Shows. Grab your sweetie or your family and go have a good time sampling, watch cooking shows and see all the wonderful products and vendors!


*This is not a paid post. The I-X Center provided the media passes to this event. Opinions are my own.

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