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I’ve been a Moms of Master Books reviewer for about one year now and have had the opportunity to review many books and some educational dvds. I’m joining the other Moms of Master Books (<— follow us on Facebook) to list our Top 5 Books for Children! Here are my top picks plus some dvds – in no special order.


The True Account of Adam and Eve

The True Account of Adam & Eve (<–my Amazon affiliate link) written by Ken Ham and illustrated by Bill Looney, is 56 pages long and fit for youth and adult reading. Have you wondered if Adam and Eve were real people? Have you read the whole bible to find out all you can?

We are all direct descendants of Adam and Noah and God gives us a timeline in Genesis regarding Adam’s birth and how long he lived as well as who came after him. Ken shares in this book how we can trace the years through generations of Adam’s descendants through history to figure out that the human race really is only about 6000 years old. He backs that up by estimating if the earth’s population doubled every 150 years we would reach our population of today! Consequently, if we tried to verify the population of the human race according to evolution by saying modern humans existed around 50,000 years ago our population today would actually be called a googol number of people, which would be a number 1 followed by 100 zeroes.  See the rest of my review post here.


The Complete Aquarium Adventure

Go to this link to see my review post – however I have a video below you can view too. (If you’re reading this in email you will need to click here to see the video). I plan to use this book as part of our science in homeschooling beginning in January.




Awesome Science

Awesome Science dvd review

Educational dvds that emphasize scientific proof for the biblical view of Noah’s flood.

We received Episode 1 & 2 of the Awesome Science series: Explore the Grand Canyon and Explore Yellowstone . Noah Justice is the 14 year old host. The first one I put on was about the Grand Canyon and I played it a second time same day. I love that it is creation based. Here’s what you can expect to learn:

Episode 1: Explore the Grand Canyon with Noah Justice

  • The Grand Canyon was cut in just days, not millions of years.
  • Its massive layers show evidence of being laid down in less than a year.
  • The Biblical record can be trusted as Earth’s history book.


Episode 2: Explore Yellowstone with Noah Justice

  • The Geologic Column is best explained by the Global Flood.
  • Super volcanoes were used to shape the Earth after the Flood.
  • The petrified forests in Yellowstone were formed in just a few years.


This Awesome Science series is produced by Kyle Justice whose work has appeared on networks including National Geographic, ESPN, and the Outdoor Channel along with his creative homeschooling team.  See my review post here.


The Big Book of History

This 15 foot fold out timeline begins with the six literal days of creation and includes modern history. Check out my video below.

I think this is a great tool to help your children- even older than 12 in my opinion– to learn history while presenting a biblical perspective. If  you’re kids go to public school but you want them to have a biblical perspective I recommend getting the Big Book of History. I homeschool and definitely plan to use this. And its not just biblical history that presented here there are four different “themes” to the history of  the world presented  by four  different color highlights. See the rest of my review post here.


The World of Animals

At the back of the book there is a Glossary full of vocabulary words and an Index to find the page location of the exact animal you’re searching for and the color pages are beautiful! As a side note, this book will be an awesome tool if you’re homeschooling and I’m already getting ideas for how to use it!

See my video below and go here to read the rest of my review post.


A is for Adam

This book walks your child through the Gospel and you could very possibly lead your child to saving faith in Jesus Christ- at the very least you are teaching your child God’s truth and planting a seed.

1.   With every alphabet letter there is a page with instructions or suggestions for you, the parent. For example, I’m looking at the “Z is for Zip” page to parents and it gives me a “Starting Point:  God has always wanted to be part of our lives. From the time of Adam or Noah or the Tower of Babel, God has wanted to save people from sin. God loves you and wants to be a part of your life too!”

2.   Then you have “Bible Bits”, a “Let’s Talk!” to check your child’s understanding of the teaching, an “Always Remember” section to reaffirm an important point the lesson is teaching, and “Stuff To Do”… such as words to write down or have your child draw a picture of, then a “Quick Review”, three questions from the “Z” page.

3.   There are several additional pages at the end with more helpful information such as sharing the “Seven C’s of History: Creation, Corruption, Catastrophe, Confusion, Christ, Cross and Consummation”, The Armor of God and more.  See the rest of my review post here.


*As a Mom of Master Books I receive the products I review free of charge so that I may review them and give my opinions. I am not paid, and I do not have to give favorable reviews.