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A couple months or so ago we were able to get a better deal on our phone and internet, but that has not always been the case. The company we’ve been with gave us a lower price package finally; and since we don’t want cable tv or dish network I’m thankful they did have something lower-priced, finally. I know bundled packages with all three can sometimes seem to be a better deal. Had they refused us again, I may have been on the hunt for a new provider.


Today I want to tell you about a place where you can shop and compare prices between the major brand competition for your home phone, tv service, internet and more: it’s called Connect Your Home.


Connect Your Home can help you find TV service providers in your area.  You’ll find major phone providers here and DISH High Speed Internet providers here. Compare what the various providers offer (AT&T, Dish, Time-Warner, etc)  along with their prices all from one location. These are just three of the service lines this company offers. Check their website at any of those links to find out more information.


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