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It’s spring – so the calendar says, and this cold snowy March has me longing for bright, warm sunshine and green grass. I’ll even take the dandelions 🙂 .


It reminds me of the Wild Things we’ve watched grow in and around our home. I thought I’d share them with you today. And please, I’m saving the best for last in this post! So, be sure to see them all!



First up is Hairyee – I believe the name and spelling came from my oldest who was about 6 at the time. Our Woolly Bear Caterpillar turned tiger Moth.  If you’d like, go here to see “him” in his Woolly Bear stage, his cocoon and a close up of him on my hand. He turned into a very handsome Tiger Moth.


woolly bear to tiger moth



Mr. & Mrs. Robin

Next, we had the privilege of watching a persistent Robin insist on building her nest on our bedroom window sill.  Go to these links to read and see more pictures about going from one egg to four, the babies hatched! and the empty nest. I have a video below of the babies looking for food when either Mr. or Mrs. Robin comes to the nest.


robin eggs - baby robins - nest

See the babies looking for food in the nest in this video (click her to see video).


The best!

We also had the great opportunity to raise some tadpoles into frogs. This was an amazing experience for me. I love this kind of stuff.


We used magnifying glasses to help us get a better view of them when they were tiny and hard to see. I was intrigued to watch the change. Not all limbs pop out at the same time necessarily. You can see some of the stages they went through below. I also have a few Youtube videos of them here. Read about our experience here and here.


raising tadpoles, froglets, frogs


And tell me these little frogs aren’t cute! See all my Youtube videos about our tads/frogs.




Beyond these critters we’ve had a water snail, more moths, fish, slugs and I’ve caught a couple spiders for examining. I fit right into the homeschooling/being a boy-mom lifestyle.



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