Off-grid pantry planner


I’ve been so busy and preoccupied with other projects that I’ve been kinda quiet on the blog. I do have a couple upcoming giveaways, a book review to share and a new Ohio Summer Family-fun guide in the works – but, I’m thinking about other things too.


Right now, while my husband is having bible time with the boys before bed I thought I’d share a little.


The weather has been incredible here in Ohio lately. Saturday I raked up about 12 bags of leftover fall 2012 leaves (we have a huge oak in the middle of the yard). My husband and oldest bagged them up. After I shared a pic on Facebook, a friend said we should have mowed them and left them on the ground for mulch.


Well, poo.  I’ll have to remember that for next time.





Sunday we  began – what we plan on making a habit– having family over one Sunday a month and possibly having one night a month where we have friends over. My family is pretty big since I’m the oldest of 9 and 8 of us are married with children. That’s too many in one small house at one time. We tried that once for Thanksgiving back in 2003 when there were only about 30 of us – there have been 9 new babies added to the family since then- including mine!


Joel and I had just two of my siblings and their families over this time. I sauteed hot dogs in butter and onions and then put them in a crock pot with some hot water to keep hot till we were ready to eat as well as made Sloppy Joe’s. These hot dogs smelled soooo good!




We had Joel’s side of the family over for Easter dinner so we’re working both sides 🙂 .




Our Ohio weather has taken a quick turn to WARM and I hear it may hit 80 on Wednesday! So tonight I’ve pulled out the totes and am pulling out the shorts. The boys and I have a playdate with friends on Wednesday at a local park so we need the right clothes. So while my husband and I watch the new movie Lincoln he picked up at the library, I will be working on the clothes 😉 .