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I’m looking forward to trying out these new Kidecal labels. Kidecal labels, I’m told, are durable, dishwasher safe, washing machine & dryer safe, and don’t damage surfaces.  I’m also told they stick to just about anything: water bottles, clothing books, toys sports gear, etc..


I don’t have mine yet, but I know which one I want. You can get “personalized labels” with names, monograms, phone and address too in a variety of designs, colors and shapes! I’ve been checking out the website and playing with the “personalizing” options.


In addition to personalized labels they have fun stickers and mustache stickers. They have chalkboard labels you can write on and they are safe for the dishwasher. I love that! You might be able to leave a love note on someone’s mug :).


Use them to label for Daycare or Camp needs, kids’ cups, coffee mugs, backpacks, shoes, and on and on the list goes.


Kidecals is founded by a mother of two boys and you’ll find some really cool designs for boys too. I’m told these labels literally do not come off. Ever. I’m ready to give them a try!  But, I had to tell you about them first. Disclosure: For sharing Kidecals info with you on my blog, I will receive some for free to try myself


Oh, and shipping is ALWAYS FREE for Kidecals. See your discount below.


My Readers will save 15% off Kidecals using promo code: bestlabels at

I haven’t tried them yet, but will after I receive mine, so you may want to watch this video below of parents talking about how they use Kidecals.

*This is not a paid post. I will receive some free Kidcals for sharing their info with you.