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I’ve kept a secret from most people, until today:  I thought I was pregnant recently, though it was highly unlikely.


And it would have to happen after I got serious about making some changes to my eating so that I could lose some weight without really dieting. I was about a week or so into my changes and feeling better and seeing the needle on the scale begin to drop. And then this.


I promise not to be gross in this post, but I figured some of my mom-readers can identify or at least would be interested. I mean, afterall, I am 43 years old and had my tubes “fixed” 7 years ago so to not get pregnant again (due to pregnancy health risks for me and the babies I carried). I have a doctors appointment this Tuesday to see what’s going on.


Besides being “late” – and I’ve never been this “late” to my knowledge, unless I was pregnant.


I’ve had nausea, lots of lightheaded/faint-like feelings, fatigue, some headaches, brain-fog, been more irritable and the feeling that I had something growing inside me. I even went out and bought a few pairs of second-hand capris with a bit more room around the waist as my clothes were already bothering me too much to keep buttoned all the time.


Yes, I have had so many symptoms and wasn’t feeling “like me”. I felt… pregnant. And yes,  I know that these symptoms could point to things other than being pregnant.


And then “today” happened. Let’s just say… I’m probably not pregnant… at least not anymore? And, I started to feel more like “myself” – meaning “less pregnant”.


More than likely, I’m just premenopausal I suppose. And if it is, I’m sure this is just. the. beginning.


O. Joy.