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Our boys attend our church’s Vacation Bible School every summer. This year was the first time we allowed them to attend a second VBS at another area church.


Pastor Jeff Sanders of Grace Family Fellowship, who happens to have 16 years experience in martial arts,  hosted a VBS that taught “toned-down” self-defense along with the Bible to children approximately aged 6-12.  I say “toned-down” because children under 10 aren’t as physically ready for the serious self-defense training that Jeff teaches. Jeff and his family are part of our homeschooling group CHESCA, this is their 18th year homeschooling their children!




What fun for the kids as they learned moves that were sure to bring down adults. Our 7 year old had to try them out on us at home later 🙂 .  And parents were invited to stay and watch so we could review the moves with our children at home.


In fact, Jeff told me that even for his upcoming September 4th Women’s Self-Defense Class which is open to all women teenagers and up (see details below), parents and spouses are welcome to stay and watch.


Credentials and Classes



Pastor Jeff Sanders informed me that he is a 2nd degree black belt with 16 years of experience in martial arts.


On a side note, he’s also certified to teach CCW and teaches this course on a regular basis. Jeff is certified by the NRA in basic pistol and NRA certified in In-Home Protection.


Update:  This particular class is over, but you can contact Jeff for information on when his next class is scheduled or for information on setting up something for your group.


Openings are still available for the Women’s Self-defense Class

Wednesday, September 4th from 6-8 pm

Cost is $20 per person

Class will be held at Grace Family Fellowship (140 Perry Dr. SW, Canton).

Call for more information or to register 330-936-0226



Students can expect to be instructed on:

  • teaching basic strikes
  • escapes from various chokes and holds
  • and defense from ground

This seminar will cover basic unarmed defensive tactics.


Future classes will deal with defenses against weapons (how to disarm stick, knife, and gun attacks).


Jeff also offers self defense seminars for kids ages 10 and up. All parents need to do is call him to set something up.  Jeff told me he will go to wherever the need is. If people want him to come to their church or some other location he’ll come with his mats, focus mits and kick shield. .  “.. and we’ll have a ball!” he said.


Parents are welcomed to come, watch and even participate in the kid-classes. Hubbies are welcome to come to the Women’s Self Defense classes as well.


For more information on the September 4th Women’s Self-defense Class or to set up other self-defense classes for kids and adults 10 years of age and up or for CCW call Jeff Sanders at 330-936-0226.