Off-grid pantry planner


Are you one of those Christmas shoppers who buys throughout the year – or do you wait until the last minute?  🙂


Well, it’s not really “last minute” yet.  If you are just getting started, I have something for you!


I created a “brainstorming” Holiday Planner Free Printable for you. This is one sheet and you can make as many copies as you need. It’s pretty basic and lays out the “who, what, where and when” you need to keep track of regarding the gift-buying, baking and party planning you have to do!


It’s also general with a “winter theme” so you can use it for Christmas, New Year’s or whatever winter holiday you are planning for. In addition to the image I’m sharing below I have a Grocery List/Additional Note section that is also part of this printable.


free printable for holiday christmas planning


Download your free printable holiday planner sheet here or by clicking on the image above.