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This past Sunday night we were on our way home from visiting family in Tuscarawas County (Ohio) when our tire on the van went flat.


We had just come through a detoured path under road construction. Had we blew the tire there, I don’t know if we’d even had a shoulder to pull over on. That was God looking out for us. Where we ended up was very scary anyways. About as dark as dark can be with exception to the stars, moon behind the trees and car lights speeding by.


We had just left my parent’s house so I called them so someone would at least know we were in trouble. Then I called roadside service.


That. Was frustrating. First I got automation which was voice controlled so if it detected a noise it “thought” I was answering, I guess. Finally, “it” must have known I was not getting anywhere and I got a live person. That person said she couldn’t get a tow truck out to us for 60-90 minutes and to call 911 if we felt unsafe.


That’s what I did. It was cold, dark, the kids were with us and my husband and I were trying to figure out how to get the tire off the underside of the van.




I could just see one of these fast-passing cars whizzing by hitting our van and us too. If I ever stopped praying in my head, it wasn’t for long.


Just before the Ohio State Trooper showed up to help us the jack broke under the weight of the van as my husband was trying to crank it higher to fit the spare tire.  The van landed on the metal router/wheel. (yikes!)  Then my dad showed up to take me and the boys home.


Ironically, just minutes before our flat we had passed someone pulled over for some reason. He/she appeared to be removing things from the trunk so I don’t know if  they were digging for their tire jack too, but I prayed for them to get the help they needed. If they needed help. I usually do pray for strangers that appear in need.


Now we were the ones in need. It could have been a lot worse and I have a new appreciation for what it means to be “prepared”.


On a side note, shortly after the Trooper showed up the roadside service people called us repeatedly (till I answered the phone) to make sure we got the help we needed.


I’m glad God is always online, always aware, always available and willing to listen – and answers my prayers.