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Tis the Season to be Jolly


One of the best things about Christmas is giving.  People are starting to visit the shops and buy presents for their kids and loved ones. But did you know that some countries have their own Christmas shopping tradition? In Ireland, for instance, shoppers will only hit the stores starting December 8 since it is a Catholic holiday.


Paul Collins of Slate explained that some unusual holiday practices such as the yearly unwrapping of a fruitcake or wearing a knitted sweater during cold months is one of the ideas that makes us think that Christmas comes earlier every year. This, he said, is entirely predictable, bound by tradition and yet somehow always surprising to us. And these magical moments make the entire season extra special because other than celebrating the true meaning of Christmas, countries from all around the world have their own traditions that have been there for centuries.


Regardless of your Christmas shopping tradition, what is more important is that you practice the true meaning of the holidays: commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ and sharing this wonderful gift to the entire world. But if you want to make your friends and family extra happy this season, here are three special gift ideas for kids that will put a smile on their face once they unwrap their presents:


hooded fair isle fleece onesie


Hooded Fleece Onesies

Who said onesies are just for babies? Surprise your nieces and nephews with comfortable onesies and take part in their Christmas slumber party. In fact, onesies are starting to hit the stores this season as renowned online publications begin to adore them. Olivia Bergin from the Telegraph wrote how a famous retail brand found its way to make onesies a popular garment to wear this forthcoming season. Marks & Spencer has spotted a gap in the higher end of the market and is rectifying it with the launch of a cashmere style from its M&S Collection that will leave you – or a generous gift giver – with just enough change for a pack of Percy Pigs from 240 Euro.

The product is designed with:

  •  Fleece finish
  •  Zip fastening
  • Fair Isle and spot print
  •  Long sleeve
  •  Hooded
  • Pouch pockets
  •  Cuffed hem


Darth Vader Earbuds

It’ time to put some real deal to your list and surprise your friends and family with an awesome set of  Darth Vader earbuds. The product is color coded to the well known character and…

  • Each set features a character helmet with a hidden microphone.
  • A mystery button on the back that can play or pause a song on your playlist.
  • Designed with a 3.5mm headphone jack.


Baby Sushi Slippers

These comfortable and cute booties are made right for kids. The product is made from fleece, felt, and cotton. Comfortable and delicate to the skin, these slippers can make a baby more huggable and adorable. Also take note that every pair is entirely handcrafted. Sushi Booties are available in:

  •  Hamachi/Yellow Tail (Pink Stripe)
  • Spicy Maguro/Spicy Tuna (Pink)
  • Toro/Fatty Tuna (Red-Orange)
  • Sake/Salmon (Orange)
  • Tamago/Egg Omelet (Yellow-Orange)
  •  Hirame/Flounder (Pale Pink)
  • Maguro/Tuna (Red)
  • Ebi/Shrimp (Shrimp guy)


What products have you been thrilled to find for gift-giving in your holiday shopping this season?