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Time for a round-up of my favorite picks of Master Books’ titles I’ve had the privilege to receive and review this year. I’m going to link directly to my reviews and that is where¬† you can read about them!




The Answer Books for Kids – The kids ask the questions and biblical answers are provided. I’ve had my boys read from these. I’m only one volume shy of having all six. Half I bought on my own before I received a couple to review.


Chronicles of Dinosauria –¬† Dinosaurs or dragons? And yes, they may still exist. Cryptozoology, Ogopogo, Loch Ness and more…


The Tower of Babel pop-up – Why so many languages today? Simple, if you believe the Bible (and I do). Read more here…


Children’s Atlas of God’s World – I’m glad to have a creation-perspective atlas to use in our homeschooling.


Big Book of Earth & Sky – See my video review of this 15 foot fold out.


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