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If I haven’t mentioned it yet on my blog, I will now. This year we joined our local Classical Conversations homeschool “co-op”. And, to help offset the tuition I am a tutor. In case you’re not familiar with “CC” – we meet one day a week for 24 weeks between August and May to learn a lot of classical memorization. CC makes a great “spine” for building on for your other homeschool studies.


Anyways, we finished up our first 12 weeks and we are on winter break till mid-January. So, a few of us decided we’d continue meeting on Tuesdays to do art projects. I thought I’d share what we’ve done so far. We’ve managed to include a little “school” on these days too – even if just a story or a CC review game.


Though we are on break for CC  – we are not on break from homeschooling.  We are filling our empty Tuesdays mornings during this break by meeting with friends and work on crafts. Here’s what we’ve done so far, and I am using my affiliate links in this post.


Week 1:  “Papa, please get the moon for me” – book and art project.




In addition to Tami reading the book she picked up at the library, Allie picked up some of the main supplies we didn’t have on hand.



  • Some type of Bristol Board Paper (possibly sturdier than cardstock)
  • paints & brushes (maybe acrylic?)
  • star punch
  • yellow cardstock for stars & moon or use foil star stickers
  • scissors & glue
  • wooden craft sticks, short and long (or break the long) to make ladder
  • plastic table cover or newspaper to keep your table from being painted 🙂




Read the story and make your pictures. Cut the Bristol Board into thin strips. Paint  your backdrops in various shades of blue/white. Glue on your ladder sticks, stars and moon. Cut out your little person, color him/her and glue to the ladder.


This really did make a neat project since it has a sturdy, layered look/feel. I have my boys’ pictures taped to our wall right now 🙂 .



Week 2:  Salt-dough Ornaments for Christmas




In addition to our craft I’ll share below, we have the kid’s do a $1 gift exchange. They sat in a circle and passed gifts while music played. When the music stopped, they stopped passing and kept the gift they were holding.


For our craft this week the kids used cookie cutters to cut out ornaments from salt dough (you can find a recipe on Pinterest). After they cool from baking for a long time on low heat some of us painted ours and then coated them with a layer of Modge Podge to protect them. If you don’t have Modge Podge you can make your own out of equal parts glue and water.


For the finishing touch just add string or ribbon- also I added a bell to a couple of the trees. Now just hang on the tree or wrap as gifts for relatives. I had my boys write their name on them with Sharpies, I wrote the year and that we made this as part of our “CC craft club” as one of the kids nick-named our group meetings.


For our next craft we’re going to make the hanging squirrel/birdfeeders I posted about here.


Do you plan anything special on your kid’s winter breaks?