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*I received promotional items to complete this review. Opinions are my own.



I just started my gift wrapping last night – not quite last minute, but next week IS Christmas! Usually I lean on  purchasing my gift wrap from “after-Christmas” sales or the dollar store, but BJ’s wanted me to pick up some of their gift wrap to try out and talk about.


At BJ’s I found beautiful matching gift wrap supplies in sets and not just “one” – I picked out this lovely set for $12.99 – it has everything I need, except the tape. You can buy the tape (in bulk) at BJ’s also if you need it.


I liked that the owl-design in this set could possibly pass for  birthday gift wrap during some other time of year!


My set came with five rolls of pretty paper. So far the paper I’ve used has been sturdy and has a good quality feel about it. I like that.




Matching tags, bows and ribbon are a part of this set too. However, I did choose to use the specialty tags that I got as a gift from the last BJ’s blogger event that I attended. These are handmade, some are moveable and some so cute!




If you don’t want a matching set of everything they do have a variety of other wraps without all the bells and whistles.


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