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Are you planning to watch the “big debate” between Ken Ham (pro-creation) vs. Bill Nye (pro-evolution)? The topic: Is creation a viable model of origins in today’s modern, scientific era?


ken ham vs. bill nye live streaming wii


I just want to say that science and the Bible are compatible. I know a lot of people who are considered “experts” or just plain “smart” will deny that, and that will never change this side of eternity I suppose. But just because there are “haters” out there (hehe, see what I did there?) doesn’t make it any less true.


Consider these facts:

  • If the earth was just tilted too much the wrong way life would not be sustainable.
  • You cannot get something as intricately organized and functional like the human eyeball, immune and nervous system from random chaos. If I believed that were true I’d start throwing the clutter on my countertop up in the air  in hopes of landing an improved functional system of organization 🙂 .
  • When you visit the art museum you don’t question whether or not there was an artist behind that piece of work… you instinctively know it.


Why is it any different with God and creation? Well, I have a theory about that.


I encourage you to watch (for free) the live debate coming up between Bill Nye (defender of evolution) vs. Ken Ham (defender of creation) on February 4 at 7pm from the  comfort of your own home or with your church group.


Don’t be fooled, the Bible  is completely relevant to science and our world today.  I encourage you to view the following posts from a series my husband and I did on this very subject, see below. Feel free to print them for your own use.


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