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So I told ya here about my adventure at Spa Kalahari. Along with the invite to try a couple pampering treatments my family was given a one-night stay (because of the distance) and a few other perks like media passes to eat all of our meals there! Opinions are mine and my family’s and I don’t have to give a favorable review. Actually, they didn’t ask me to review the food, but I’m going to.


We arrived a few hours before my scheduled spa appointment, and with our media pass we enjoyed lunch downstairs (next to the arcade) at the Cafe Mirage.




There was a nice variety to choose from. I chose one of the wraps with chips. They look like homemade chips. My youngest had mini corn-dogs and fries, my oldest had pizza and my husband had a burger and fries. We were too full to even finish all the fries and chips so we took them to our room.




For dinner we were given a media pass for The Reserve! This is a nice but casual sit-down restaurant with what I’d consider a mix of gourmet and kid-friendly. This particular night, I’m not sure if they do it every night, they had a “kid’s” all-you-can-eat buffet with things like pizza, mini corn-dogs, etc..


And, check out that dessert! We were too full to eat it all – we shared that one ice cream/cookie dessert platter as a family 🙂 .




For breakfast the next day we enjoyed the Great Karoo breakfast buffet.


Wow! They had things I wouldn’t have imagined. You had your pick of cold and hot items, juice and coffee. I apparently didn’t take any pictures, but you can see some here at Kalahari’s website. The Great Karoo is right inside the main area after you walk in the front doors. I suggest getting in there early, before the crowd hits and the line grows long 🙂 . Glad we did that day!


We also enjoyed sampling some items from the Candy Hut. My choice: chocolate dipped cheesecake. Oh, yes 🙂 .  And, I do it again!


Candy Hut at Sandusky's Kalahari Resort.


Okay! So, I have more to say about our overnight trip to Sandusky’s Kalahari Resort. So far I’ve talked about the spa and the food.  Watch for Part 3 where I talk about the room, the waterpark, and other fun stuff.


For more info on everything I’ve talked about visit Kalahari Resorts’ website here.


Did you know there is a new Kalahari Resort in the works? They plan to open in 2015, located in Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania!