Off-grid pantry planner


I love it when I can afford to splurge on some “nice but not necessary” things. I usually can’t justify doing this unless they are priced really low which means foregoing the cutsie designer looking products for the cheaper bland ones. I cut corners in pretty much every area of life it seems so while my “splurges” may not seem like a big deal at all to you, for me, they are a big deal!


So, on with my featured April splurges!  


A few days ago  I just happened to walk into a wonderland of Easter clearance at Walmart! The signs said 50% off but items were actually marked down to probably 75%. I only spent about $15 total for a whole bunch of baking supplies that I would not have paid full price for. Things I just don’t splurge on, I was able to justify getting because they were so CHEAP! It’s not all meant for my family either. I will be putting together a baking gift bag or basket for my secret sister 😀 .




If you look closely you’ll see I scored a number of silicone baking pans. They look like rubber candy molds. Some are cupcake holders. The big pink Easter bunny-head shaped pans came to $1.24, cute designer-like baking cups were under .50 cents I think and the tins were under .50 cent and cookie carriers were under a dollar!


Possibly my most exciting score though was getting Wilton 6 cell decorating sprinkles (variety-kind) for $1.22 each!


I figure I can use some of these items to create a great gift set for my secret sister this year! I think she’d love to have some of this and I can afford to put together a nice gift basket or gift bag thanks to clearance prices.


My Salvation Army haul this month

Mid-April I stopped into our huge local Salvation Army thrift store for half-off day (which is when almost everything is half-off). I like to pop in there every now and then and look for workbooks for homeschooling and things I can use  for my home in general. Sometimes it seems like I happen in there when a teacher must have retired her things! I find some good stuff 🙂 .


You can watch my video/vlog below (click here if you can’t see it) to see my Salvation Army haul. I did forget to show the real Tupperware (vintage?) container I also picked up for like .99 cents in the video. Total spent was close to $15.



Have you scored any great deals lately?