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Oh my.


It’s been 11 days since I’ve blogged. Can’t remember when I went that long between speaking my mind on here, but the days have been SO busy!  Here’s a run down of what’s been keeping busy.


Wrapping up our CC year

The girls I tutored in CC.

The girls I tutored in CC.


This was our first year doing Classical Conversations as part of our homeschooling; and, to help pay for the boys’ tuition I worked as one of the tutors. We met 24 Tuesdays out of the school year and our CC year ended at the end of April.


I really like being a tutor, which is the title they use for us instead of “teacher”.  Both my boys enjoyed it and I think we are all looking forward to it next year. My oldest will be doing Essentials on top of Foundations, Lord willing, and THAT will be a lot of work for he and I, both. I plan to continue tutoring Foundations.


I’m doing in-home childcare again


Well this was a surprise for me. I wasn’t planning to  pick up this “work-at-home-job” again (I did this years ago). Obviously the Lord planned this because it’s been so obvious that that is THE case. I say this in faith, not in arrogance.  Since we need the extra income anyways it’s a financial blessing. Turns out that we will probably “need” this income to pay for Brendan’s Essentials class as well as for bills.


We’re moving! Lord willing 


The boys when they were a bit younger.

The boys when they were a bit younger.


Yep. At least we hope. I’ve felt it “in the air” on and off for years it seems, but it wasn’t the right time. I’ve really felt that we’ve outgrown what we have here and it’s taken me awhile to realize that I would be open to buying a lesser priced home so we can actually live under our means. I was  watching/listening to a lot of Dave Ramsey-related Youtube videos over the past few months and those really helped me change the way I looked at some things. I found the DebtIsDum family very helpful.


I really want some land too. Lots of room for the boys to play and explore and where we can sit outside, walk around, not be spitting distance from our neighbors. And, I do believe God plants some desires in our hearts and guides us to ask for them according to his will and plan – for his purposes. I don’t believe in the prosperity-gospel-stuff that is characteristic of the so-called “Christianity” of today though.


You know what I mean.


flowers in bloom

LOVE the pretty spring blooms


I’m so over the balls being kicked over our fenced-in backyard into the neighbors’ fenced-in backyard. This has been happening since my oldest was about three. We’ve lived in this house all our married life and so far all of our sons’ lives. My husband and I have been married 12 years come May 18th – next week 🙂 .


So as you see I haven’t fallen off the edge of the earth, I’ve just been overwhelmed with “real life”.


It’s hard to write (aka blog) when you’re busy and tired from watching extra kids and scrubbing carpet and trying to figure out where to pile and hide the stuff you don’t have a place for.


Tomorrow the real estate agent comes to take pictures and I’m SO glad the flowers have bloomed! I’ve been praying God sends us a buyer and leads us to the right house. Would you say a prayer for us too?